Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rain or Shine

This weekend's research theme ended up being somewhat about adjusting to adverse situations--in this case some very rainy weather. This was the scene outside the doors to the main pub on site at the faire. It started raining at around 9:00 Saturday morning, with the gates not opening until 10:00. But even so, many die-hard festival goers traveled from near and far to attend.

I have learned that nothing can dampen a rennie's spirits for long, not even a deluge from above. While it was raining buckets (Kentucky colloquialism) outside, there was a party going on indoors. Nearly 200 people gathered in the pub for singing and performances by several of the acts that do not show up there during the course of a typical day. And this was even before the bar opened! Aside from the usual musicians, like Drunk & Sailor here seen here in the photo, the Dueling Fools stopped in for a brief display of their cutting wit and swordplay. And the jousting troupe put on a sword fight in the main isle. Meanwhile, patrons and cast alike enjoyed food and conversation. It was rather like the whole faire in miniature. And people kept filing in even through the rain.

The weather finally cleared up at around 1:00. There were still puddles of water to avoid and wet stages to contend with, but the festival continued as planned after that.

The particular challenges I faced as a research involved the logistics of taking notes with all that water falling from the sky. I usually carry my field book tied to my belt. (At the renfaire, everything you carry hangs from various straps on your belt--money pouch, drinking mug, fan for the hot weather. It's easier than trying to carry a separate tote bag or satchel that you might lose.) So, no sh** there I was (that's an SCA joke), trying to conceal my phone behind my hair/veil in order to record audio notes to myself. Luckily, Sunday's weather was more accommodating, at least earlier in the day, and I was able to carry my book with me like normal.

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