Thursday, August 30, 2012

And So It Begins...Again

The fall semester has begun here at OU, and there have been about a half dozen students request to add my Intro to Sociology course despite the class being full. Well, the classroom is not full, just the registration capacity. This afternoon's office hours have involved a lot of add slips for students.

This weekend begins the annual season for the next renaissance faire I'll be attending for my thesis research. I'm hoping to get some good information, but I anticipate (based on my previous experience with this particular faire) that I may have gotten my really good, personal insight kind of data earlier this summer. However, I hope I will be pleasantly surprised and get some more awesome data. I like data, is that nerdy of me?

I have still to get all of my pirate garb and other gear packed for the weekend. There's a check list I go through to make sure I have everything. (Are my boots still in the back of my car? I think so.) I'm looking forward to it. This is an incredibly fun research project!

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