Thursday, September 6, 2012

Isaac Had Other Plans

By Isaac I mean the hurricane, or the rain that resulted by the time that weather pattern had migrated into the Midwest. This past weekend there was a forecast for rain, and since my data is stored in either electronic devices that dislike getting wet or in a field book which holds similar opinions, I kept an eye on the atmospheric prognosis.

I awoke at 7 a.m. Saturday with every intention to head off to the ren faire, weather permitting. I checked the hourly forecast and found the prediction for somewhere between 60 and 100 percent chance of rain in the area of the faire site. I made other plans for the day. A similar scene followed Sunday morning.

This being Labor Day weekend, the only time the faire is open other than Sat. and Sun., I decided to hit the road and deal with whatever weather I met. I ended up getting rather soaked, thankful that I had left book, recorder, and camera in the car safe and dry (which is why there are no pirate pictures for you this week). The day consisted mostly of greeting those participants I had not seen since last season, and discussing with some of them my thesis project, deciding who would be top priority as interview candidates on subsequent weekends.

I did have a good chat today with my committee chair which led to an idea about attempting a small demographic count. It's not the emphasis of my project, but it is relevant. We'll see if that pans out later. But in the meantime, on the road again this weekend.

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